April, Dreaming of Summer

by Gabriel Koenig

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A and B side singles recorded during my vacation at home during the first week of April.


released April 7, 2012




Gabriel Koenig Vancouver, British Columbia

Gabriel Koenig makes music, video games and other various forms of art. His styles are continually evolving but remain thematically focused on the dark absurdity of human existence.

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Track Name: Let's Make Lemonade
Denies potential
What we've got is just what we've got
What we've got is the best that we could do

And eventually
Nothing will matter
But I'm not waiting for that
I've still got what life has given me

So I know what we can do
Yeah I know something to do
Yeah I've got something
For making the most of the way it is

Let's make lemonade
I've got the lemons
If someone has got the sugar

I've never said
It's more than I can take
I'll put a twist on it still
I'll turn it around to make it work

Come drink with me
To the dreams we have forgotten
And though dreams may be forgotten
I've still got what life has given me

But who's got sugar these days
There's no sweetness left to find
And I
I've got no sugar these days
Only lemons in my hand
So take my hand
Track Name: We Should Get A Pool (Feat. Gabe G.)
It's starting
To get to be that time of year
Everyone is feeling
For some sun and some cheer

We should get a pool
I think we should get a pool
We should get a pool
I think we should get a pool

Oh a diving board
Would be a sure fire win
A metre or three
You can take it for a spin

Everybody wants a pool
Everybody wants to stay cool
Everybody wants a pool
We could be so cool

Chairs along the deckside
For when we want to take a rest
But we'd have no running around it
Cause it's slippery when wet

At the peak of summer
We'd have a line-up to the yard
We could sit up in high chairs
And pretend to be the life guard

If I could
Go swimming
Yeah I would
There's nothing
Much better
Than floating
On water
But I know
That this dream
Is so far
Far upstream
Seems to me
I should have
Been born as
A whale calf