from by Gabriel Koenig



Made on December 5, 2013.


I take my face off when I go to sleep
Just to remember what it's like to be me
I put my eyes in a case by my side
I see the darkness opening wide
I put my heart in a case on the shelf
I watch it pump, outside of myself
I leave my brain in a box on the floor
Where I'm going I won't need it anymore

You take your face off when you are alone
Just to remember where you came from
You drop your eyes in a glass by the sink
You see the noise that you make when you think
You place your heart in the cupboard below
And you watch as it starts to slow
You lay your brain in a bowl set aside
You won't need it where you're going tonight


from Cold Rolled Gold, released December 2, 2013




Gabriel Koenig Vancouver, British Columbia

Gabriel Koenig makes music, video games and other various forms of art. His styles are continually evolving but remain thematically focused on the dark absurdity of human existence.

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