Made on December 7, 2013.


You were the monster in my dream last night, you had
the coldest eyes they were devoid of life, and I
I could not run from the shadows you cast, and you
were all the skeletons from my past, and I
I collapsed running into the sand, and you
You took me up in your demonic hand, and I
I started crying like a hopeless child, and you
You just held me in your arms a while

I was the monster in your dream last night, I was
A horrid shell only in for a fight, and you
You could not run and I was everywhere, and I
twisted your arm and I did not care, and you
You cried out to try to reach my heart, but I
I was a monster I had no such part, and I
I smothered you under my feathered limbs, and you
You went silent, you accepted it


from Cold Rolled Gold, released December 2, 2013




Gabriel Koenig Vancouver, British Columbia

Gabriel Koenig makes music, video games and other various forms of art. His styles are continually evolving but remain thematically focused on the dark absurdity of human existence.

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