Volcanic Explorations

from by Gabriel Koenig



I followed the road
But I didn't follow the signs
Maybe I should have
I wanted to go
But I didn't know where I would go
Maybe I should have

I stopped getting cold
But it didn't ever slow me down
I know that it should have
So deep underground
But I didn't know how far I'd gone
I know that I should have

I am frozen by the thunder you breath
And there is nowhere to hide
There is nowhere to hide
The way you shake has got me shaken up too
And I am sure I will die
I am certain to die
Your magma waves and your magma ways
They won't leave my side
Always at my side
I am frozen by the thunder you breath
I am paralyzed


from Bad Excuses Worse Solutions, released January 24, 2015




Gabriel Koenig Vancouver, British Columbia

Gabriel Koenig makes music, video games and other various forms of art. His styles are continually evolving but remain thematically focused on the dark absurdity of human existence.

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